Our Service
We specialize in providing test solutions for RHVAC products and we undertake turn-key projects,our services involve lab designing,manufacturing,installation,commissioning and maintenance etc.
  • 01 中国医科大学附属第一医院
    Our company's multi-function psychrometric test laboratory was awarded the CNAS(China National Accreditation Service) accreditation in 2015(Certificate number:L8112). It means that we are the authoriz...
  • 02 尼桑z370
    A sound design is the prerequisite of the installation of the high-quality test room and fufilling customers' requirements. Based on the air conditioning test room installation requirement of ISO/IEC ...
  • 03 新加坡留学费用
    Gz-lans has a strong and experienced installation team,most of the technicians have been working in this field for many years,so it ensures the good quality of our products. Below is the normal instal...
  • 04 涠洲岛客栈
    The test room is a complicated system and involves a lot of technologies,so it's necessary to arrange some training courses for customers. With our 20 years of experience in this field,we have develop...
  • 05 审计师考试成绩查询
    Gz-lans also designs and developes some special test rooms for those customers who require some non-standard tests ,such as the test rooms for novel products,new technologies and ideas in HVAC industr...
  • 06 jyp股票代码
    To ensure the test room working properly and avoid the unneccessary loss from the possible break-down during its service time,our company offers the customers with a comprehensive and usefull maintena...
  • 07 五年级上册英语
    The software is the "brain" of the laboratory,it controls all the operations of the lab system and it can provide the following functions: Data acquisition/control/analysis Test management User manage...
  • 08 物流加盟
    Gz-lans has its own factory and production department,so we can manufacture and assemble most of the main equipment/components used in the lab,such as compressor condensing unit, air handling unit,air...
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Letter from the CEO Dear clients ,welcome to our Website. Gz-Lans Experimental Technology Co., Ltd. (Gz-lans for short) was founded in 1993, a privately owned innovation enterprise specialized in providing test laboratory solutions for both product and component level testing to RHVAC (Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) , Indoor Air quality, Solar ,Appliances & Automobile manufacturers. With our state of the art manufacturing facility in Guangzhou and team of experienced Engineers, We have accumulated a complete set of intellectual property and manufacturing abilities covering different kinds of testing laboratories solutions, and have been recognized as the Engineering Technology Research Center for RHVAC 我的低碳生活作文 Testing by the Chinese government. We have our own multiple-function RHVAC test laboratory accredited by CNAS(China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment ), which gives us the opportunity to serve as the third-party testing agency. To the benefit of our customers we provide turnkey solutions. Our working model integrates pre-sales services, R&D, design, equipment manufacturing , installation, commissioning, technical training, calibration and after-sales service into one, thus providing package of services from laboratory panning to delivery. Ever since the beginning, our focus has been on providing advanced solutions but are also energy efficient. We use our own patented energy saving design in our solutions which help reduce energy consumption by up to 40%. We would continue to explore more on Energy conservation and ease the effects on environment. We are proud to say that Gz-Lans is one of the pioneers in Globalization. We are the first among Chinese test lab manufacturers to venture into overseas business. Our company has provided hundreds of test laboratories that met various global technical standards. Over the years, we are fortunate to provide solutions & supply to clients all around the world and make great friendships/ technology partners along the way. We have executed projects to over 20 countries in 5 continents around the world. Quality, Innovation, Service, and Integrity is our company’s business philosophy. Quality---Through our policies and positive work culture , our employees are able to clearly understand what we stand for and through our stringent quality system and training our employees bring quality in day to day work and thus ensure final quality of our products and timely delivery. Innovation---Keep improving and innovating,our vision is to continuously innovate and adopt to meet client’s pursuit of advanced technology and reliable equipment . Service---Service is the way to reinforce the company . Focusing on the customer's attention, continuously improving the overall service level and service quality are the basic guarantees to make the company stronger. Integrity---Integrity is the bottom line of how the company manages the business. Only the honest enterprises can get the trust of the employees, the society and the praise from customers. Gz-lans would always strive for what it has promised to the customers. Please feel free to explore our website, to learn more 25岁世界超模肯豆新豪宅曝光 用金浴缸洗澡够壕气 our 我把忠诚献给你. Get to know us and our services, and let us know if you have any requirement. We look forward to working with you. Sincerely,
What we do
Gz-lans provides numerous services associating with above test solution, including:  Test Method & technology consultation  RHVAC Test Solution Development & Design  RHVAC Test special equipment manufacturing  Test lab building project management  小清新情侣网名  Test Lab commission  Test Lab operation & maintenance training  Test facility maintenance 
  • Psychrometric type laboratory
  • Balanced Environment calorimeter Laboratory
  • Refrigerator Performance Laboratory
  • Air conditioning climate laboratory
  • Commercial Air Conditioning Integration Laboratory
  • Large simulation environment laboratory
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  • 鉴赏内饰配置 谈Cayenne用车感受
  • 「军武次位面」​最舒服的一线兵器是哪种?6个小军官,坚持10年,搞出了一代经典
Main products
Air conditioner performance test laboratory, Rrefrigerator/Fridge/Freezer performance test laboratory, Heat pump water heater performance test laboratory, Washing machine test laboratory, Refrigeration component test laboratory.
  • 侧脑室宽的宝宝该不该留
    The Psychrometric Air Conditioner Performance Test laboratory is used for testing room type air-conditioners. It provides air-conditioner testing with indoor and outdoor atmosphere environment as well as the indoor air flow measurement apparatus. Besides, the lab is equipped with computer-automatic control measurement and data processing system,and it applies the Indoor air- enthalpy method for measuring the cooling and heating capacity.
  • 京东618开场 引领消费新趋势提振疫后经济
    This laboratory is used for measuring the calories of Air-con. It also measures various kinds of data including pressure and electric properties of the Air-con. And it consists of compartments (2 chambers), controlled temperature Air spaces (2 rooms), air handling units, chillers, power panel, computer system and so on.
  • 大家有没有什么免费的 OCR 神器
    The test room can be used to determine the storage temperature,the freezing capability,the power consumption,the temperature return performance,the freezing speed and the condensing performance of the household refrigerator/fridge/freezer.
  • Vikos峡谷上空的新智彗星
    The heat pump water heater performance test laboratory can be used for testing air to water heat pump water heater,the water to water heat pump water heater,the tank storage heat pump water heater,the recycled water heat pump water heater,the split type heat pump water heater and the heat pump water heater with auxiliary electric heater etc.Whether it's household type orcommercial type.
  • 中国冰雪项目国家队展开体能大比武 12个赛区同步开赛
    The washing machine test laboratory provides all the test conditions,environment and facilities for washing machine tests.
  • 健身了解一下
    The multi-split AC laboratory is used for testing commercial air conditioning products,such as multi-split air conditioner,VRV,packaged air conditioner,central cool/hot water air conditioner and the computer room air conditioner etc.
  • 找115定制资源
    The test laboratory is used for testing and evaluating the performance of the commercial freezer,such as refrigerated display cabinets.
  • 俄科学家:国际空间站俄舱段新型“科学”号舱将使用铝板保护宇航员免受辐射
    Heat exchanger performance test laboratory is the performance testing equipment for air-cool condenser and air heater (Heat exchanger) which use water as heat exchange medium








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